Permanent Council

The Permanent Council (PC) is comprised of Permanent representatives of Member States of the OAS.

The Permanent Council is directly responsible to the General Assembly and has specific responsibilities:

a) Carry out decisions of the General Assembly;
b) Ensure the Observance of the standards governing the operation of the General Secretariat;
c) Act as the Preparatory Committee of the General Assembly;
d) Prepare, as requested, by Member States, draft agreements to promote and facilitate cooperation with other International Organizations;
e) Submit recommendations to the General Assembly;
f) Consider Reports of the Council, Committees, Commissions and other bodies and agencies.

The Chair and Vice-Chair of the Permanent Council are rotated in alphabetical order on a quarterly basis. The Permanent Representative of Jamaica, Ambassador Audrey Marks, is currently the temporary Chair of the PC. Jamaica will revert to the position of Vice Chair of the PC once the designated Ambassador of Barbados assumes the post.

The Permanent Council usually meets weekly on Wednesdays mornings at the OAS Headquarters. Special Sessions of the PC are usually requested by Member States on special occasions.