Jamaica of OAS

Jamaica has been a member of the Organization of American States (OAS) since 1969, collaborating with the other Member States to achieve the stated objectives of Democracy, Development, Human Rights and Security. Jamaica works closely and coordinates its positions with its CARICOM partners.

In working towards these objectives, Jamaica firmly upholds the principles of sovereignty and non-intervention in the affairs of other Member States. These principles are clearly articulated in the OAS Charter.

The Organization of American States (OAS), which has its headquarters in Washington DC, is the primary political multilateral forum in the hemisphere with the main goals of maintaining peace and stability, preserving and consolidating democracy, protecting human rights, and promoting economic and social development.

The Ambassador of Jamaica to the United States also serves as Jamaica’s Permanent Representative to the OAS.

The Ambassador and staff of the Permanent Mission of Jamaica attend meetings of the OAS and its subsidiary bodies to represent, promote and protect Jamaica’s interests and give support, where necessary, to the requests of other Member States.

Jamaica also participates in the relevant OAS Ministerial Meetings in areas such a culture, education, social development, tourism, justice, sustainable development, and labour.